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Rotor InPower Flow Power Meter


Rotor InPower Flow Power Meter

$ 1,139.99

Rotor InPower allows you define your optimal pedal performance, whether you are climber, sprinter, and pacer.  If you are Triathlon athlete orient your training around pedal performance and learn how to race smarter.


  •  UBB Universal Bottom Bracket
  • INpower cranks are compatible with almost every bike frame in the market.
  • NEW features optimized for Q-Rings
  • TORQUE 360 and OCA (Optimum Chainring Angle) help cyclists precisely and accurately analyze force variations in their pedal stroke.
  • INpower software features different modules to optimize cycling performance. User friendly software.
  • Integrated Electronics and battery are integrated inside the axle, making INpower shock and contaminant resistant, and waterproof with cleaner data transfer.
  • Tool free battery replacement
  • INpower uses a standard AA battery that typically lasts 300 hours when fully charged. A rechargeable AA battery can also be used.
  • Compatible with all ROTOR 30 mm cranks
  • Crankset: Flow (110MAS, and 130MAS), 3D+ (110, and 130 BCD), and 3D30 (110 BCD)

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